That Project You Hate

Seriously, I hate this project, yet I feel compelled to at least finish it.

Mccalls 3979Count this as a sewing misadventure.

Several years ago I bought this McCalls apron pattern not realizing every apron had bias binding on every seam.   E . v . e . r . y . seam.  Of all the sewing projects I’ve done, I have learned I intensely dislike applying bias binding.  I’ll never actually make quilts because I don’t want to have to bind the edges.  I HATE applying bias tape and I suck at it.

I had high hopes cutting this out.  Then I started to assemble. The first step was to apply double-fold bias tape around curved pockets.  Sigh, okay, fine, so I missed that when I bought it.  I’ll do it.  Next step.  Wait, bias tape where?  What?  Why?  Crap — every freakin’ seam.  All of them.

But I had started, the pieces were cut out, so I figured, I’ll finish.  I don’t think I can.  Not tonight anyway.  I hate this in every way.  I used bias tape that was too large; it’s just sloppy looking to me.  I don’t even know what I’ll do with this when I’m done.  I can’t even give it away and feel good about it.

I will put the neck straps on in the morning, and the last freakin’ piece of bias tape across the top of the top front panel — because I’ve gotten this far, I’ll finish.  I can’t feel good about it though — I hate this project.  I should have stopped at the pockets.  Maybe someday I’ll learn to trust my first instincts, and give myself permission to give up before I’ve invested a day and a bunch of materials.

And maybe I’ll learn to spot patterns that have bias tape all over them before I buy them.  I just noticed this pattern is listed as “vintage” and if I’d have not cut the pattern pieces out, I could have sold the pattern on eBay for 12 bucks.

9/6/17:  Done.  Still hate it.


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