Dollar Store Organization

Typical 3-bedroom, 2-1/2 bath suburban dweller that I am, space always seems to  be at a premium at my house.  Tonight I tackled a couple of simple girl’s room challenges – scarves and headbands.

Sounds silly, but until you’ve had to sort through a wad of scarves knotted up in a drawer, shoved under a bed, or otherwise situated where they aren’t easily retrieved, it’s a big deal.  Same with headbands and various other hair accessories.

First, the solution for easily accessible scarves (and belts) as it turns out is a hanger and a set of $1 shower curtain rings.  Add another $1 for the optional handy, dandy over the door hook and you’ve also got the beginnings of a cute, decorative element in the room.

I feel a fun hanger cover-up coming on …

Now headbands.  I only bought one tonight, but I see a couple more in my future.  The solution?  Expandable hat/coat rack.  Also $1 at the dollar store.

I’ve seen this idea used for jewelry also.

Simple, cheap and effective.