Milady noun

1.  an Englishwoman of noble or gentle birth
2.  a woman of fashion
3.  me

I am Milady — I am not a milady.  My name is Milady, a name given to me by a mom who liked to make up her own pronunciations for everyday words.  She pronounced my name Mill-uh-dee, but yes, I am Milady however you want to say it.

As far away from aristocratic, gentile, or fashionable as you can get, I’m just a wife, mom, cook, a crafter, a bargain shopper and public servant.  I have many ideas and little time.  I decided to start a blog after spending time on the next greatest thing, Pinterest.  So many crafts and recipes, so little time — I wanted to share my likes, loves and total failures.


Just me

Come enjoy my adventures in life, crafting, cooking and working.

Visit my boards on Pinterest to see all the chaos of crafting in my head.  https://www.pinterest.com/gr8typist/



  1. Still grabbing life with both hands I see! It’s so good to see your face after all these years! (Has it been 40 already?)

    I love your blog.

    Your old, old friend Greg



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