Hello world! I Am Milady


Yup, it's ME

Milady noun

1.  an Englishwoman of noble or gentle birth
2.  a woman of fashion
3.  me

I am Milady — I am not a milady.  My name is Milady, a name given to me by a mom who liked to make up her own pronunciations for everyday words.  She pronounced my name Mill-uh-dee.

As far away from aristocratic, gentile, or fashionable as you can get, I’m just a wife, mom, cook, a crafter, a bargain shopper and public servant.  I have many ideas and little time.  I decided to start a blog after spending time on the next greatest thing, Pinterest.  So many crafts and recipes, so little time — I wanted to share my likes, loves and total failures.

Come enjoy my adventures in life, crafting, cooking and working.